Used Equipment

If you are interested in any of the following equipment please don't hesitate to contact us; 


Ex Demonstration 6 row Victor Hydro Trailed Sugar Beet Harvester (Serial No. 13V5185)   Complete with front mounted hydraulic driven defoliator,auto row seeking and depth control, scewbar toppers 4 spoke lifting wheels with dial-a-spoke system. Cleaning webs and high capacity cleaning discharge elevator with holding tank.  700/40-22.5 Floatation tyres.  Sold in very good working order and warranty.   *Special Reduced Price*

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Used Garford Victor 6 Hydro 1997 Model (Serial No. 97V5116)  Sold in good working order complete with front mounted defoliator, auto row seeking and depth control, scewbar toppers 4 spoke lifting wheels with dial-a-spoke system.  Cleaning centering rollers and spirol cleaning system with side discharge elevator.  500/60-22.5 Floatation tyres. Sold in good working order £15,000 or completely refurbished and re-sprayed £27,000. 



Ex demonstration Garford Robocrop in row weeder 4 or 5 rows, single or twin cameras sold with a seasons Warrenty and installation on farm world wide - £ POA



Garford Front Mounted combined hoe and hooded sprayer currently set as 4 rows at 30cm with a 1.8m wheel track, complete with rear mounted 600 litre chemical tank with new pump, controls and pipework.  Ex-works £4,800.00



Garford Used 3 metre Robocrop guided gapping/thinning machine currently with 3 cameras and 6 x 50cm rows with rear mounted 400 litre chemical tank with pump, controls and pipework.  Ex-works £ POA (includes installation and a season's warranty)



Ex demonstration Garford 6 metre Hooded sprayer with intergral 600 litre chemical tank, currently 12 rows at 50cm with crop protection shields. £ POA


Ex demonstration Garford 6 metre 12 row hoe currently on 50 cm row width complete with crop protection shields.. £ POA


Ex demonstration Garford single bed front mounted hoe or hooded sprayer. £POA


Ex demonstration Garford SD30 side shift system for multi machine fitting complete with camera and console.  £ POA