Used Equipment

If you are interested in any of the following equipment please don't hesitate to contact us; 


Ex Demonstration/development  6 row Victor Hydro Trailed Sugar Beet Harvester complete with front mounted hydraulic driven defoliator, straight through web.  £84,700 - season's part warranty only

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NEW Garford Weedfoil Hooded Sprayer Combo.  Adjustable for 1.5 mtr to 2.1 mtr wheel track.  Weedfoil pad remote height control.  3 channel saturation stat. 2 x 110 ltr tanks.  Cancelled order therefore special price and available for immediate delivery.  POA





Ex Trials Robocrop InRow Weeder, 12 rows front mounted hydraulic folding with individual row depth control.  POA





















Ex Show/Shop soiled Garford Robocrop InRow Weeder, front mounted 6 row twin camera hydraulic folding, for rows to a maximum of 50cm.  £75,000 Sold with seasons warranty




Used Garford Robocrop High Speed Cereal Guided Hoe, 4m season old, 16 rows 25cm row spacing, hydraulic folding, stablising discs.  £21,000 Guaranteed for a season




Used Garford Robocrop High speed guided hoe, 6m little use (150ha), 12 row sugar beet, hydraulic folding, crop protection shields, band spray system, no tank.  £25,000 Guaranteed for a season